About us

Ambershell LLC is outsourcing web-development company and Typo3 integrator. Our developers and web programmers has an over 10 years experience in system design, programming and information technologies. Last years we tightly use Typo3 content management system (CMS) to implement various web projects.

We have come a long way in web development and tried a lot of different frameworks and systems. One day we found Typo3 and we were delighted by it abilities. And now Typo3 is our choice for most of web sites. Since this time we become the first and only one typo3-oriented web agency in Belarus.

In Ambershell we believe that websites should have good security, be inexpensive to develop, easy to maintain and, above all, convenient for the end users. Using advanced technologies for web development and modern open source systems, such as Typo3, we are creating just such Web sites. We pursue a careful design of the system at the initial stage, which make it easy to maintain and improve the project in future.

Obviously, one advantage of providing information on the web site is the possibility of wide distribution, which is not limited to a specific region. Thus, even if you do not need it now, most likely your site will be multilingual in the future. And in this aspect Typo3 again one of the best. A lot of modern CMSes has a different implementation of multilingual content. Typo3 offers very flexible and rich features for multilingual sites.

Sometimes our clients is not sure what they need exactly or can't choose the best solution. Don't worry! Contact us today and our experts will analyze your needs and subject area and will offer the best solution. Feel free to ask us about any details.

Generally we could use different content management systems, frameworks and technologies for implementation of specifical web projects, but for most of our customers, we recommend Typo3, as the most powerful and flexible open source system. Typo3 will amaze you with its functionality, far greater than the functionality of other free CMS. Typo3 - is secure and well-extendable enterprise class system, with user-friendly interface and a lot of modules and functions. And we can assure you that Typo3 is suitable as for small Web sites as for corporate portals.

Strong supported by the Typo3 Association and wide developers community makes it the most promising content management system, not only today but in the future. Choosing Typo3, you will get a system that can compete on quality and functionality of commercial systems, and even surpassing them. Since Typo3 is open source system you will not need to pay license fees. You pay only for development of your project. Also, the last versions of Typo3 has a long term (3-year) support which significantly increases the reliability and reduces the costs of further development. 

We are open for collaboration with any interested persons!