Services we provide 

Ambershell LLC specialized on making content management easy and powerful with the Typo3 CMS. Furthermore, the services that we offer includes many aspects of the site building:

  • Design of the site structure;
  • Typo3 installation and configuration
  • Implementing custom Typo3 extensions;
  • Standards-compliant XHTML/CSS layouts from PSD files and other sources;
  • Integration of XHTML/CSS layouts into Typo3
  • Extended JavaScript programming;
  • Development of internet and intranet web applications.
  • Flash development;
  • Configuring and administering Linux/Unix servers

That is a general services that we provide. Feel free to contact us about implementation of exclusive features that better match your needs. We'll be glad to discuss your project.

Web sites migration

Probably you already have one or more web sites but they don't have easy to use and flexible content management system, which increases the costs of maintaining the site up to date. In this case we offer to you to migrate these sites on Typo3 CMS. In addition, we could offer the migration of a large amount of content with special migration scripts, which will be designed for a specific case.

And sure, we could help you to upgrade your existing Typo3 installation to the latest version.

Our principles

Whether we are building the new site from scratch or migrating an already functioning site, that is require a lot of stages, which may cause a various errors and failures. Ambershell makes a greate effort to avoid such problems by:

  • Creating a development plan and follow it after development starts;
  • Keeping the permanent contact with our client using our project management system, so all members of project are kept in the loop;
  • Being open and careful about estimation;
  • Giving straight-forward advice when we foresee problems or potential pitfalls.